Our FAQs explain more about Simple Car Funding and our services. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You choose exactly which brand new car you want to drive and Simple Car Funding will lease (hire) it to you for three years in return for an initial payment and fixed monthly payments over the period.

Your three year car lease includes breakdown cover, servicing and road tax – all fully included in the fixed monthly lease payments. All that remains for you to do is to arrange the insurance for your car.

At the end of the 36 month agreement we will arrange a time for you to return your car to the dealership. You can then either choose another brand new vehicle for the next 36 months or simply walk away.

  • You must be aged 25 years or more
  • Have no serious convictions
  • A UK residence history (we are open to EU and non EU nationals)
  • You will need to be in receipt of a regular income: either
    • as an employee, or
    • as self employed, or
    • have another source of income such as maintenance payments from your ex-spouse, property rental income, a pension or other.
  • Your ability to take on the financial commitment of a three-year car lease contract will be assessed by our credit underwriter.

Our credit underwriter will assess your ability to service the car lease contract on the basis of your completed lease application form and a telephone discussion of your financial position.

You will be able to choose your car from our website and agree any extras you need over the telephone with our account manager who can also help you with an alternative car/model not advertised.

After you have chosen your car and been approved for the lease agreeement, you can place an order for your car with our account manager who will also advise you of the estimated time to delivery.

We will contact you a day or two in advance to inform you that the car will be ready for collection and make an appointment for you to collect your car at our recommended car dealership.

Alternatively we will arrange for the car to be delivered to your door, free of charge.

You can only use the car for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and for travelling to and from a place of work.

Your car is for use on mainland United Kingdom. You can take your car abroad with our prior agreeement.

The vehicle is fitted with an advanced telematics device, invisible to the driver but important for management of the car.

The telematics device monitors every aspect of the car including its location (in case it’s ever stolen and needs to be retrieved), mileage and service intervals.

The telematics system also supports the monitoring of standing order payments received each month and if a payment is missed, we will be entitled to immobilise the car.

You need to arrange fully comprehensively insurance for yourself and your named drivers.

Under the terms of the lease you are limited to use the car for social, domestic and pleasure purposes and for travelling to and from a place of work. The policy excess should not exceed £500 which is the amount you will be liable for in the event of an insurance claim.

Our partner A-Plan Insurance can help you with arranging your car insurance

A-Plan has been providing a personalised service to over 600,000 clients since the 1960s, with over 80 high street branches and specialises in insuring leased cars.

Please call 01582 420101 and speak with Kyle or Nilesh or email to luton.office@aplan.co.uk.

A-Plan, making insurance easy

You are covered for mechanical faults by the terms set by the manufacturer, general wear and tear is down to you.

You have a full servicing plan throughout your lease.

If you breakdown we will fix your car or if necessary tow you to the nearest dealership, anywhere in the UK, 24/7.

General wear relates to the useage of tyres, brake pads, clutch, windscreen wipers and occurrence of scrapes, dents and scratches. These are costs which are not included under the monthly car lease payments which you will need to cover.

The lease contract runs for the entire duration of 36 months and cannot be voluntarily ended before the end of the lease term.

You pay 1 month of your advance rental when you place an order for your car and the balance of your advance rental 3 days prior to the car’s delivery, either by a bank transfer or by payment card.

You pay the remainder of your 35 monthly lease payments by standing order starting the month after the delivery of your car.

Any additional payments in respect of the lease such as penalty fines will be collected by direct debit.

If you miss a payment we will be entitled to immobilise your car if payment is not received within 5 days. We will then be entitled to repossess your car and remove it from your possession.

If you receive any kind of ticket you will be liable to pay this.

If you are considering buying a second hand car on hire purchase, remember that a car is not just an asset, it’s also a financial liability.

By purchasing a used car on hire purchase, your used car will become quite old by the end of the contract with a growing risk of breakdown and expensive repairs and maintenance to pay for. Leasing a brand new car with Simple Car Funding with a 3 year warranty, servicing, road fund licence and breakdown cover fully included will give you peace of mind of a reliable car and a fixed monthly financial outlay.

Buying a used car may also leave you at risk of failing ever stricter environmental standards.