Your credit score is based upon your credit report which covers the past six years of your financial life.

If during that time something has happened to negatively impact your credit score then you will probably find it difficult to obtain car finance or credit in general.

Alternatively, you may simply not have a credit history as you have not benefitted from a loan over the last few years.

Even if your income and finances are in really good shape now, it will take time for this to be fully reflected in your credit rating.

At Simple Car Funding we ask you to provide evidence of your current circumstances so that we can evaluate whether you can afford the monthly payments. We do not base our decision on your credit score.

So if you have experienced credit issues over the last couple of years but things have now improved or you are a foreign national living and working in the UK or you are divorced and receiving maintenance payments or perhaps you are a landlord living off rental income or you have retired and are receiving a pension or you are self-employed or starting a new business, we would be more than happy to help fund your new car.

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